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ACPN Receiver Choice Award Generic2

About the Award

The Receiver’s Choice award recognizes organizations that are supplying high quality content including ACES, PIES, digital assets and other customer specific formats. Honorees are selected by content receivers who support ACPN for their exemplary content and are leading the way in integrity, accuracy, timeliness, completeness, best practices and other proprietary specific judging criteria.

Company Eligibility 

  • Company Type: Manufacturer/Remanufacturer
  • Company Membership: Auto Care Association member in good standing

Award Format



One Recipient Per Receiver Company



These awards are judged by participating content receiver companies utilizing the judging guidelines outlined below and potentially additional criteria that is specific to the way they conduct business.

Submission Requirements

  1. No submission required to be considered
  2. Please contact your content receiver to see if they are participating in this year’s receiver’s choice award ceremony at the annual ACPN Knowledge Exchange Conference to be considered for this award.
For questions about this specific award, please contact ACPN Liaison: 
Tom Schiavo


Judging Guidelines

The following guidelines were established by the ACPN Committee and agreed to by the Data Receivers for the Receiver’s Choice awards presented at the annual Knowledge Exchange conference. Below are the minimum guidelines for award selection. Note that many of the Data Receivers have additional criteria that is specific to the way they conduct business to determine their winners.


  • ACES delivery specifications are consistently being followed
  • Part numbers must be accurately reflected in all application records
  • Comments do not repeat values already identified within the Vehicle ID or Part Type/Position ID
  • Comments do not conflict with Vehicle ID or Part Type values
  • Usage of the most descriptive part types
  • No Overlaps (Applications missing distinctions that allow for a clear choice of 1 part over another) Minimal Duplicates (Applications with same parts repeated using different notes/qualifiers)
  • Includes all applications for a given Part Number
  • Includes all applications for a given Part Terminology
  • Supplier assumes responsibility for data provided by a third-party company
  • Provides images and supporting image translation files
  • Other content to be loaded by the Data Receiver
  • Provides data in a timely fashion without being asked to send the data
  • Stays current with Auto Care Association or Data Receiver vehicle and part type tables
  • Stays current with Data Receiver’s monthly deadlines
  • All data fields contain the proper type of information, no combinations
  • Part numbers are applied to the proper Part Types
  • Updates are sent in a consistent manner
  • Adhere to Data Receiver’s required record format
  • Supplies all Data Receiver’s required file identification information
  • Provides current PDF or paper catalogs to Data Receiver as required
  • Maintain consistent data frequency
  • Resolves data issues in a timely manner according to Data Receiver’s requirements
  • Frequent communication with Data Receiver to provide information on upcoming changes and updates

highlights from previous award ceremonies

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past winners

Each award-winning company is eligible to use the ACPN Content Excellence logo on company literature, mobile apps and websites. Contact for image files.

2021 Winners
ReceiverAward Winner
Advance Auto PartsClarios
Aftermarket Auto Parts AllianceWinhere Brake Parts, Inc.
AutoZone, Inc.PowerStop
Epicor Software CorporationRobert Bosch
O’Reilly Auto PartsSpicer / Dana Holding Corporation
PartsTech, Inc.DRiV, Inc.
WHI SolutionsCarter Fuel Systems


2020 Winners
ReceiverAward Winner
Advance Auto PartsNGK Spark Plugs
Aftermarket Auto Parts AllianceDRiV, Inc. - Monroe
AutoZone, Inc.Standard Motor Products, Inc.
Epicor Software CorporationDana, Inc.
O’Reilly Auto PartsDorman Products, Inc.
PartsTech, Inc.Melling Automotive Products
WHI SolutionsRaybestos
MAM Software, Inc.Dorman Products, Inc.


2019 Winners
ReceiverAward Winner
Advance Auto PartsJohnson Controls
Aftermarket Auto Parts AllianceDENSO Products and Services America, Inc.
AutoZone, Inc.Wells Vehicle Electronics
Epicor Software CorporationBrake Parts, Inc.
O’Reilly Auto PartsMelling Automotive Products
PartsTech, Inc.Dorman Products, Inc.
WHI SolutionsStandard Motor Products


2018 Winner
ReceiverAward Winner
Advance Auto PartsCARDONE Industries, Inc.
Aftermarket Auto Parts AllianceDelphi
AutoZone, Inc.Motorcar Parts of America
Epicor Software CorporationCARDONE Industries, Inc.
Genuine Parts Company/NAPA East Penn
O’Reilly Auto PartsWinhere Brake Parts, Inc.
PartsTech, Inc.CARDONE Industries, Inc.
WHI SolutionsCARDONE Industries, Inc.


2017 Winner
ReceiverAward Winner
Advance Auto PartsFederal Mogul
Aftermarket Auto Parts AllianceEast Penn
AutoZone, Inc.Dorman Products, Inc.
Epicor Software CorporationContinental Elite
Genuine Parts Company/NAPA Gates Corporation
O’Reilly Auto PartsTenneco, Inc.
PartsTech, Inc.DENSO Products and Services America, Inc.
WHI SolutionsAC Delco


2016 Winners
ReceiverAward Winner
Advance Auto PartsDorman Products, Inc.
AutoZone, Inc.Wells Vehicle Electronics
Epicor Software CorporationAC Delco
Genuine Parts Company/NAPA Gates Corporation
O’Reilly Auto PartsTenneco, Inc.
WHI SolutionsDorman Products, Inc.
MAM Software, Inc.Robert Bosch