The Person of the Year award honors an individual for his or her outstanding contributions to the industry and to the Import Vehicle Community during the past 12-month period preceding the selection of the current year’s award recipient. There shall be no more than one individual per year honored as the Person of the Year.

  • The candidate must be from within the aftermarket industry sector.
  • An individual can win the award more then one time, provided the person qualifies for a second nomination by virtue of the “purpose” above. A period of five years must elapse before an individual can be nominated for a second or subsequent Person of the Year award.
  • An individual should not be considered for the Person of the Year award for historical industry contributions. The individual’s performance during the preceding 12-month period is to be considered by the committee.
  • Self-nominations are not accepted.

Please check back in spring of 2022 for more information about 2022 awards.

2021 Person of the Year Award

Steven Hughes

President and CEO, HCS International


2021 IVC Person of the Year - Steve Hughes - Photo

Steve Hughes started in the automotive aftermarket industry in 1972 working at a parts store. During this time, he was deeply involved in building, maintaining and racing cars on the west coast.

In 1980, Hughes was recruited to work for IMPAC (now Worldpac) and eventually became a senior program manager and buyer.

In 1986, Hughes founded HCS International, a consulting and sales firm focused on the import parts industry.

In 2003, Hughes was recruited by Advanced Engine Management to manage operations and purchasing. A few years later, Hughes accepted a position at Centric Parts as vice president of supply chain, international logistics and government affairs.

In 2017, Hughes restarted HCS International, specializing in consulting on supply chain, international shipping and government affairs.

Over the years, Hughes has been the leading voice for the automotive aftermarket industry on ocean transportation issues. He is deeply committed to the international automotive aftermarket community in their efforts to promote free and fair trade.

Hughes is involved in a number of industry groups, including current chairman of the Import Vehicle Community, member of the Auto Care Association Government Affairs Committee, and chairman of the CAWA Public Affairs Committee.

Hughes previously served on the Automotive Industry Trade Advisory Committee (ITAC 2) advising on trade policy for the U.S. Department of Commerce and U.S. Trade Representative. He has led multiple industry coalitions in antidumping duty investigations at the U.S. International Trade Commission. He is also a past participant of the Federal Maritime Commission Supply Chain and Demurrage/Detention Innovations Teams.

Hughes was recently appointed to the Federal Maritime Commissions’ National Shipper Advisory Committee, representing the Auto Care Association and Motor Equipment Manufacturers Association.

Hughes lives with his partner of 20 years, Indalicia May, in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif. When time permits, he enjoys traveling, motorsports and reading history.

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